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About HighVisTec GmbH

Professional partnership networking as the key for success HighVisTec has an extensive network of businesses and B2B collaborations enabling fast-tracking of innovations from discovery to commercial ready products.

Founded in August 2018 by Prof. Lachezar Komitov and Dr. Mohammed Ibn Elhaj , HighVisTec offers highly specialized consultancy and education to industry and academias in the field of Liquid Crystals and their applications in Liquid Crystal Displays and Devices (Optical and Photonic Devices) .

HighVisTec’s business model is based on sales of license, patents and know how as well as on consulting and participation in companies and University projects. Highvistec also offer trade and representation of brands related to the visualization information technology...

History of our success

HighVisTec GmbH was founded in August 2018

HighVisTec founders have a rich and long experience both in academic and industrial research, innovation and commercialization in the field of Liquid Crystals and related applications and technologies. With their complementary expertise and know how, the founders of HighVisTec aim to supply the market with patented novel Liquid Crystal Devices and materials for these devices.

Dr. Mohammed Ibn Elhaj

Cofounder / Managing Partner
A formal director of R&D in well-established Suisse company

Internationally-renowned expert in the development of innovative technologies and products Over 30 years of experience in liquid crystals devices and functional materials fundamental research and applications, developed new technologies and products and published over 200 research papers and patents. Successfully managed various challenging RD & customer projects in Europe, USA, Asia and Africa & introduced several material & device products into the market (displays, optical films, security, smart glasses and industrial coatings).

Professional Experience

1992 PhD Physics & Material Science

1 year Research associate at the University of Manchester (UK)

5 years Research Scientist at Max Planck Institute of Colloids & Interfaces, Berlin (Germany)

19 years at Rolic Technologies, Switzerland (Head Research, Head Application, CTO & Management Member)

Founder and shareholder of several High-Tec companies

Focus of Activity

Innovation in nano- and high-technologies Product & business development (from concept to market)

Project management, strategy & organization

Achievements In Liquid Crystal Science & Technology

* Pioneering work and number of important discoveries in bulk, surface and interfacial properties of liquid crystals (columnar, discotics, smectics and nematics)
* Pioneering work and number of important discoveries in liquid crystal devices and thin films (including nano- & micro-corrugated films)
* Developed several products in many industries such as Displays, Optical Films, Anti-counterfeit, electronics and smart glasses, incl. VR/AR:

- Examples of device products are antireflective coatings for projection TV, directional reflective coatings for reflective displays and light management, retardation and wide-viewing films, high performance alignment coatings for displays and optical devices, ophthalmic lenses, Fresnel lenses, coated/printed polarisers for 2D-&3D-displays, 1st to 3rd level optical security elements, roll-to-roll processed optical security foils and labels, protective and adhesion promoter coatings, anti-scratch coatings.

- Examples of material products are composite organic-inorganic liquid crystals, reactive monomer and polymer liquid crystals and various innovative alignment materials (insulating, conducting, semi-conducting) for display & non-display applications

Professor Lachezar Komitov

Cofounder / Managing Partner
Prof. Emeritus at University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Internationally-renowned expert in liquid crystals and their device applications and technologies Over 50 years scientific, research and development activity in the field of liquid crystals, author of a number of pioneering contributions and discoveries in the field of solid surface/liquid crystal interactions and alignment, new measurements methods. Invented several novel LCD concepts and devices with fast switching as well as novel liquid crystals and alignment materials for LCDs. Has published over 300 scientific publications and more than 60 patents.

Professional Experience

1986 PhD Physics of Liquid Crystal

1974 -1987, Dr.Hab, Senior Scientist, Bulgarian Academy of Science

32 years at University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden, Professor of Physics of Liquid Crystals since 2002. At present Professor Emeritus.

Founder and shareholder of several High-Tec companies.

Since September 2018, Manager of Highvistec

Focus of Activity

Physics of liquid crystals

Chemistry of liquid crystals

Physics of liquid crystal devices

Achievements In Liquid Crystal Science & Technology

I. Electro-optics of liquid crystals
* Pioneering work and number of important discoveries in nematics, cholesterics, para-, ferro- and antiferroelectric liquid crystals

II. Alignment of liquid crystals (liquid crystal/solid surface interactions)
* Pioneering work and number of important discoveries in this field
- Novel concepts of liquid crystal alignment:
a) Electrically Command Surface (ECS)
b) High Performance Alignment Layers (HiPAL)
c) Nano-structured polymers for LCD alignment layers: Planar, Vertical and Tilted Alignment & Photoalignment

III. Liquid crystal displays and devices

* Several novel concepts for LCDs
* Several novel modes for fast switching of liquid crystals
IV. Design and synthesis of novel liquid crystals and materials for LCDs
* Ferro- and antiferroelectric liquid crystals
* New generation of alignment materials for LCDs