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HighVisTec is highly specialised company, performing Research and Development, on its own as well as in close collaboration with partners, in the field of Liquid Crystal Devices and related applications.

Founded in August 2018 by Prof. Lachezar Komitov and Dr. Mohammed Ibn Elhaj, HighVisTec offers highly specialized development, consultancy and education to industry and academias in the field of Liquid Crystals and their applications in display and non-display devices (e.g. optical and photonic devices) Find out more

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In Highvistec we are developing innovative technologies such as Surface Polymer Stabilisation in LCD, Fontaine Field Technology for wide viewing angle LCD and Photo- and Electro-Optically Addressed LCD. And we have exclusive access to partners technologies such as Solid Electrode Technology, Fast Response LCD and Alignment Materials for LC Devices: VA, PA, TA and Photo-alignment …


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We are participating in R&D and production projects. Recently we successfully developed and produced flexible light shutter for welding helmets, ready to start production of fast liquid crystal shutter …